Bob Saget Reportedly Told Crew Members He Was Experiencing COVID and Hearing Issues Before Death (UPDATE)

Some of the stage crew for Bob Saget's final stand-up show were reportedly told by the comedian/actor that he was battling long-term COVID symptoms.

Bob Saget attends red carpet premiere event.

Bob Saget attends the red carpet premiere & party for Peacock's new comedy series "MacGruber."

Bob Saget attends red carpet premiere event.

UPDATED 3/24, 10:15 a.m. ET: Bob Saget;s family and friends refute claims that he had complained about being sick with long-haul COVID-19 prior to his death, TMZ reports.

One of his best friends told the outlet that Saget appeared totally healthy in the time leading up to his death. His attorney said Saget’s wife spoke to him on the day he died, and Saget didn’t tell her that he was sick.

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New details have emerged following the death of Bob Saget that reveal more about the actor and comedian’s health leading up to his sudden passing.

As reported by TMZ, Saget allegedly told some of the stage crew on hand at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall in Orlando that he had been battling COVID-19 for a long period of time the night before he was last seen entering his hotel room. Rosalie Cocci, the showrunner for Saget’s last performance, told investigators that the comedian told her and some other members on staff that his hearing had been affected by the virus and that it was bothering him all night.

However, Saget’s family told the outlet that they do not believe that the Full House star was battling COVID for a long period of time since they said he had contracted it only two weeks before his death and that he never mentioned having any hearing issues. Saget, 65, was found dead in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando on Jan. 9. After police investigated the scene of his death, authorities concluded that Saget died after suffering accidental head trauma. 

“There was no evidence of a struggle, any type of foul play, or that anyone else was in the room at any time during his stay,” the final report from the Orange County Police read. It report continued, “there were no signs of blood” on the bedsheets “or anywhere else in the suite.”

Last week, the judge for the case also ruled to permanently block the release of photos and videos taken of Saget after his death to the public.

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