William Shatner Has a Part Written for Him in "Star Trek 3"

"Star Trek 3" writer Roberto Orci has reportedly written a came for William Shatner in the next film.

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Not Available Lead

Chris Pine has done a phenomenal job playing James T. Kirk in the last two Star Trek films, but it just isn't possible for him to beat the OG William Shatner. That's why we're stoked to find out Star Trek 3 writer and director Roberto Orci has penned a cameo for Shatner in the upcoming installment. 

Now don't get too excited yet. Shatner hasn't been confirmed for the part, but the opportunity is clearly there for him. And considering he's vocalized his desire to appear in the new Star Trek films, we'd say the cameo is likely to actually happen. 

We'll see if the two Kirks come face-to-face, a la Spock. 



[via Badass Digest]

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