The New York Times Got a Bunch of Great Actors to Makeout

We graded each kiss.

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Earlier this year a heartwarming viral video of strangers kissing ended up being fake. It turned out the people in the video were really actors brought together for an advertisement (Boo capitalism). At least we don't have to worry about such a disheartening realization this time around, as the very point of this video series is to get actors to kiss each other. 

The New York Times magazine put together a video series called Great Performers: 9 Kisses as part of its yearly tradition of producing silent films. You can watch a supercut of all nine videos above, or pick and choose the pairs you most want to see make out below. To help you out we've assigned each a letter grade. 

Benedict Cumberbatch & Reese Witherspoon: C

"C" stands for "C'mon, this is mad corny."


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Steve Carell & Laura Dern: A+

So bad it's good. Carrell brings back the awkwardness from The 40-Year-Old Virgin before pouncing. 


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Rosario Dawson & Jenny Slate: A

We're tempted to give it a D just because of the sad realization that our New Year's kiss won't be nearly as good. It wouldn't be the first time a grader has been petty. 


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Chadwick Boseman & Kristen Stewart: A+++

Did Kristen Stewart really just smile!? Give her 110 percent. This is an incredible feat of acting from the always pensive Stewart. 


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Patricia Arquette & Jason Schwartzman: A-

Arquette out-creeped Schwartzman smelling her hat with the strangest Eskimo kiss we've ever seen. 


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David Oyelowo & Timothy Spall: A+

Remember this technique the next time a dudebro tries to start any physical confrontation. 


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Jack O’Connell & Shailene Woodley: D

Sure, it's cute. But it ironically lacks the punch of the other videos. 


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John Lithgow & Julianne Moore: C+

Is this what it looks lie to be in the club past age 30?


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Gugu Mbatha-Raw & Miles Teller: C

Just meh. Straight up romance isn't as entertaining. 


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