Men's Rights Have Now Been Infringed Upon by "Parks and Recreation"

The delusional subreddit devoted to the cause is upset.

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Occasionally men's overwhelming control of the world is interrupted and oppressed by women who dare to acknowledge and (gasp!) even fight against the patriarchy. It's a sad reality the Men's Rights subreddit isn't scared stand up against. These brave mouthbreathers of reddit are constantly pushed against the ropes, as they were last night by the evil feminist Leslie Knope

This forum for the delusional is upset by last night's episode of Parks and Recreation. In it, Amy Poehler's character made the common-sense declaration that "men’s rights is nothing." She added, "If you want to bake a pie, that’s great. If you want to have a career, that’s great, too. Do both or neither, doesn’t matter. Just don’t judge what someone else has decided to do. We’re all just trying to find the right path for us as individuals on this Earth."

Cue the angry dudes quoting Ghandi and comparing their struggle to that of women: 

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

–Mahatma Gandhi

We’re somewhere between laughing and fighting.

We're only laughing. 

Actually that’s a sign of progress, I think. When you get attacked on mainstream shows, you’re going mainstream. I bet this happened to feminists in the 50s and 60s.

In 50 or 60 years men might have it as good as women do now. 

I think the lack of vitriol over “satire” of the [Men’s Human Rights Movement] in things like this episode and on the SNL skit speaks volumes about your movement. While radical feminists get their panties in a twist over every single piece of media that doesn’t constantly propound their ideals, the response from you guys when openly ridiculed is more or less “whey, at least we’re getting some attention.”

The fact that they have to resort to weird strawmen, who try and shut down family planning centres and protest pie eating contests is also indicative of the fact any objections they may have are not based in reality.

Reality is fighting against oppression that doesn't exist, duh. Get your strawman out of here. 

Go down further down the wormhole of the Men's Rights fantasy land here if you dare. 

[via Uproxx]


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