Watch the Kardashians Get Into a Car Accident in Real Time

A preview of next week's episode.


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The Kardashian Klan adventures will continue this weekend in a new KUWTK episode, with Kim Kardashian still trying to get pregnant, and the family still reacting to Bruce Jenner's transition. We're going to be blessed with a new storyline, though, in which Khloé Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Kim get in a kar accident. The preview alone cues us in to how unhelpful Kim and Khloé are in the situation. 

At the end of the brief teaser above Khloé shouts, "It's not my fault" repeatedly after something goes wrong—a comment that could be saved for after the impending disaster. Meanwhile Kim is shouting about not having her seatbelt on instead of putting her seatbelt on. Kylie handles the situation well by virtue of not making it worse. Homegirl just sits there quietly with her mouth open—a strategy she should have employed instead of getting down with chemtrail conspiracies earlier this week. 

Watch the new episode Sunday night on E!. 


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