Dude Accidentally Tases Himself While Showing Off for the Camera

Let's learn about conduction.

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High school science and a general sense of the world around us tells us that metals conduct electricity. This shouldn't be hard to forget. But the excitement of a new taser and a camera to show off was too much to handle and blocked any reasonable thoughts from entering this dude's head. 

Our viral idiot of the day finds himself shirtless and braggadocios with an electric-charged weapon while his cousin is macking in the background. First comes the shit talk. "I don't even gotta pull a gun on you," he brags as he waves his taser. "I could just have your ass shitting yourself." Then the tasing of random objects. This coke can in front me: consider it tased. This metal bracelet in my hand: I'm about to light it—

Cue the convulsions. 

And that, kids, is why you don't tase a metal object in contact with your person. Watch the video above. 

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