"Star Trek 3" Doesn't Have a Director Right Now

Director Roberto Orci has left "Star Trek 3."

Not Available Lead
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Not Available Lead

Being a Trekkie has to be tough right now. First J.J. Abrams fled to Star Wars, and all indications say he's thriving. Now the man hired to replace Abrams has left, leaving Star Trek 3 without a director

Roberto Orci left his position as director, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Although the reason for his departure is unclear, he'll reportedly stay on as a producer. This would have been the directorial debut for Orci, whose writing career includes the last two Star Trek films and the first two live-action Transformers

We know Abrams is a busy man, but is there any way we can get him on NZT, adderall, or something so that he can come back and helm Star Trek 3? While the return of Star Wars is promising, we're getting a little worried about the next Star Trek. Rivalries aside, the world is better when both franchises are killing it. 


[via THR]

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