Is January Jones a Homewrecker?

Bobby Flay's ex-wife says she had an affair with her husband.

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January Jones, an underrated candidate for baddest bitch alive, is building a reputation as a homewrecker as details of Bobby Flay's divorce surface. His ex-wife Stephanie March says Flay and Jones "had sex many times and in different places, including the London hotel in Los Angeles," according to an InTouch source. This makes a lot of sense, too much sense, when looking back on Jones and Flay's strange history together. 

Back in 2010 Jones crashed her car and decided celebrity chef Bobby Flay was the person to call. Flay acted bewildered, saying he had met her that night for only the second time and gave her his number because she was redoing her kitchen. The location for this supposed random meeting: The London West Hollywood Hotel. 

Now ABC News' speculation about Flay being Xander Dane Jones' mysterious father doesn't seem so farfetched. And regardless of if their boning conceived a child, this side hustle falls in line with another alleged rendezvous of Jones'. 

Jones reportedly played the role of homewrecker again by being all over Liam Hemsworth, then dating Miley Cyrus, during the 2012 Oscar weekend. A source told Star the two displayed some "hot chemistry" at a pre-Oscar party for all to see. 

Turns out January Jones might be more Don Draper than Betty in real life. 


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