Sandy Hook State Government Wants to Charge a 'Sin' Tax on Rated M Games

Hysterical, knee-jerk reactions continue.

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In a trend that shows no sign of stopping, the attack on video games as the marionette strings of the devil continue.

Today Sandy Hook's state representative, Debralee Hovey, has proposed the introduction of a 10 percent tax on the sale of M-rated video games in the state of Connecticut. The details of the bill would provide an extra $6 from the sale of an M-rated game to go towards preventive mental health. This fee would be collected by Connecticut for the funding of state run mental health services. Which sounds great on paper, but is so vague and far reaching in its definition that no one has any idea how it would actually be implemented.

This isn't the first time an idea like this has been floated, but since this was proposed in the same district where the Newton massacre took place in December, it'll still get a healthy amount of media coverage. We're hard pressed to come up with anything snakry to say about this. Video games aren't the problem, they never have been. Until we're ready to have a reasoned discussion about the access to high powered guns in this country, video games will continue to be the low hanging fruit of blame and misdirection.

What do you guys think about this?

[via The Escapist]

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