The Opening Credits of "The Sopranos" Have Been Remade Using "Grand Theft Auto V" (Video)

Tony Soprano meets Michael de Santa in this "Grand Theft Auto V" remake of "The Sopranos".

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The 8-Bit Bastard team on YouTube has done Grand Theft Auto and The Sopranos fans a favor. Using Grand Theft Auto, 8-Bit Bastard was able to re-create the opening credits of The Sopranos. It's a cool, calm, and collected remake that subs Tony Soprano out for Michael de Santa. Unsurprisingly, the transition is more or less seamless. Aside from a few frames and differences in certain landmarks, Los Santos proves to be a fitting backdrop for David Chase's New Jersey. 

For comparison's sake, you can watch the actual intro for The Sopranos below. 

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