'SNL' Jokes About Pete Davidson's Early Absence From This Season

Oh Pete, where art thou?

Pete Davidson walks the runway

Image via Getty/Steven Ferdman

Pete Davidson walks the runway

Two episodes into Saturday Night Live's 45th season, and Pete Davidson is still yet to make an appearance. The reason behind that is that he has a mystery role in the next Suicide Squad movie. See...he's not super hard to spot in this James Gunn IG post from about a week ago:

However, being a comedy show and all, SNL opted to make a joke about why he hasn't appeared on the show yet, rather than just saying with a straight face "Oh, it's just a damn scheduling conflict with the Suicide Squad sequel." Said joke came during Weekend Update when cohost Colin Jost read a line about an incident that occurred at a music festival. The joke, which is always better when you read it in your head, went like this: "A man who drove his car to a music festival still cannot remember where he parked his car a week after the show. Well, we hope you make it back soon, Pete." It got a pretty big laugh.

Punchline spoiled. Our bad. You can still view it at 1:15 or just watch this whole clip if you care to:

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