Couple Skips the Alcohol, Sets up Weed Bar at Their Wedding

A couple debuts a weed tent at their Oregon wedding.

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In West Linn, Oregon, as in the entire state of Oregon, recreational marijuana is perfectly legal — and so, in West Linn, Oregon, one couple decided it was time to ditch the alcohol at their wedding and bring in a weed bar, completely with a budtender, to entertain their guests and provide them with lifelong memories.

John Elledge and Whitney Alexander are the pioneers behind this idea. They offered 13 kinds of weed at the bar (no liquor, to stay within the law), and the budtender made sure no one exceeded the 8-ounce legal limit. And they said it was a hoot. "We were shocked, utterly shocked, at the response — people loved it," Elledge told USA Today. "I'm still getting 15 to 20 texts a day from people saying, what a life-changing event that was and what a great experience it was."

Okay, we get it, we get it, Elledge — your wedding was better than all your friends' weddings, at least in the fun category. The bar has been raised — but does that mean we'll be seeing more weed tents at weddings in the future? In Oregon? In the rest of the country? Only time will tell.

[via USA Today

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