'Black-ish' Creator Has Signed on to 'Shaft' Reboot

The 'Shaft' reboot just got two hilarious writers.

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Kenya Barris, the creator of the series black-ish, is going to help bring back Shaft. Barris will co-write the script for the upcoming reboot of the classic 1971 blaxploitation film along with Alex Barnow, who produces and writes on the show The Goldbergs

Which means the things are finally starting to move along for the Shaft remake, which was announced in February. Don't get this confused with the 2000 sequel starring Samuel L. Jackson as John Shaft's nephew—the reboot will return to the story of the original Shaft, the black private detective whose theme song won the Academy Award for Best Original Song. 

The reboot will also "have a comedic tone but will retain its action roots," according to the Hollywood Reporter. We can tell, since Barris and Barnow both use a lot of comedy in their respective shows to talk about race and family relations.

But it'll be exciting to see how this film shapes up and who will be cast in the remake of this iconic movie. One question: will Shaft get a new theme song? can it ever live up to the original? Only time will tell.

[via the Hollywood Reporter]

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