Johnny Depp In For "Alice In Wonderland 2"

But no Tim Burton.

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The world patiently waits for Johnny Depp to star in a film that isn't a big-budget, joyless Disney franchise nor another uninspired late-era Tim Burton flick. Well Johnny's got a message for you as he cackles on the way to the bank: keep waiting.

Depp has just officially signed on to reprise his role as The Mad Hatter in a sequel to 2010's lukewarmly received Alice in Wonderland. Alice herself, Mia Wasikowska, will also return—though it's not hard to imagine Disney doing an Alice-less Mad Hatter spin-off just to keep Depp around. Director Tim Burton, however, will not, with James Bobin (co-creator of Flight of the Concords, director of 2011's Muppets movie) taking the reigns. No plot details have been divulged yet. The sequel is set to impact Memorial Day weekend 2016.

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[via HuffPo]

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