Han Solo Is Getting His Own 'Star Wars' Spin-Off

The latest "Star Wars" spinoff announcement is all about Han.

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Fire up the Millennium Falcon. Hollywood Reporter just announced one of Disney's planned Star Wars spinoffs—which will pad out the franchise into a full blown movie universe in between installments from the new trilogy—will be a prequel centered around none other than Han Solo, arguably the most revered character from the original trilogy next to Darth Vader.

Even more exciting: the movie will be helmed by filmmaking duo Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, i.e. the guys who brought you the 21 Jump Street films and The Lego Movie. Which is to say, two guys who know a thing or two about writing wisecracking humor and directing an event film the whole family can appreciate. If anybody is going to try to tap into the timeless, roguish charm Harrison Ford brought to the silver screen three decades ago—and will revive this Christmas in Episode VII—these two are a damn good choice. They'll craft the Solo film (no pun intended, but let's be honest, that'll probably be the title) alongside fellow spinoffs Rogue One, the Rebel Alliance movie set to drop Christmas 2016, and the mysterious (but rumored to be Boba Fett) film that director Josh Trank recently left. Solois set for May 2018, exactly one year after Episode VII. Looks like we're due for plenty of trips to the galaxy far, far away over the next few years.

As of now there are no casting nor character announcements (Chewbacca???). Maybe Anthony Ingruber, who was a dead ringer for Ford in the otherwise forgettable Age of Adaline, is due for a call? Either way, this will no doubt be the most anticipated spinoff of the bunch. Everyone loves Han.

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