Is Felicity Jones Playing the Black Cat in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"?

Or another costumed character?

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Who will Felicity Jones portray in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Ever since the actress was casted in an unspecified role, speculation has run rampant, with the most popular rumor claiming that she'll star as Felicia Hardy, a.k.a The Black Cat.

For the uninitiated, Felicia Hardy is the daughter of an infamous cat burglar who takes up her father's mantle to become the jewel thief The Black Cat, who has a love-hate relationship with Spider-Man. In some Spider-Man volumes Felicia is a student at Peter Parker's high school, which could hint at how they'll initially cross paths in the movie if that is indeed who Jones is portraying. Jones seemed to confirm that she'll be playing someone costumed in an interview with Collider where she said she's had a hand in working with director Marc Webb on her "outfit."

Another character fans have speculated Jones could be is Lily Hollister, girlfriend of Harry Osborn who stumbles into the Green Goblin's lair and gets exposed to the Goblin serum to become the villain Menace. While it's unclear if the movie will actually explore that storyline, Lily Hollister may be more likely only because, as the trailer indicates, the Osborns play a big part in the sequel. This all raises the question: is this movie over-crowded? Electro, Norman and Harry Osborn, cameos from The Rhino and perhaps The Enforcers, and an expected set-up for the Sinister Six—after only one trailer it's too early to judge, but hopefully Webb and co. aren't biting off more than they can chew in one film.

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