Chris Pine Rumored to Be the Next Green Lantern

DC continues to shuffle its cards.

Image via Walt Disney Studios

As the DC and Marvel universes continue to expand and compete for moviegoer dominance, the rumor mill remains full of cast speculations, director hiring/firings, and potential storylines buzz. Today's most recent development came from the DC side, centering around Chris Pine being in talks to play the new Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern


Nothing has been confirmed by Warner Bros. yet, but this would be a safe, yet head-scratching move on their part. Pine is a credible action hero with plenty of likeability, but playing two separate cosmic heroes (the second being Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise) simultaneously could prove to be distracting.

Also, during a time when both studios are recalculating their efforts to fix the lack of diversity in the comic cinematic universe, this could be a perfect opportunity for DC to rollout the John Stewart storyline and cast a black actor to suit up as the Green Lantern. That would be badass, fresh, and game-changing. 

Stay tuned as more details unfold. 

[Via IGN]



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