The Adventures of New York Subway Rats Continue With 'Pita Rats'

There's a new rat in town! Well, two rats.

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After all the efforts of rats in New York City came into question when it was revealed that a mysterious artist by the name of Zardulu was behind some of these schemes, it became difficult to determine what is real and what isn't. Well, there's a new rat video, and we hope to god it's real.

Introducing "Pita Rats," two New York City rats who were filmed climbing up subway stairs holding a piece of pita. At first it looks as if they are helping one another, but near the end of it you realize they're probably fighting over the pita. Only one rat emerges victorious.

"It's like the rats are struggling to outdo one another now!" Laura Duch, who stumbled upon the rats and then filmed them, told CNN in an e-mail. "The new bar has been set for NYC rat stamina." 

While I'd like to think that these rodents and I share the same late night cravings, it's hard to determine if this is just another "Selfie Rat" scenario. Until we find out, I'm choosing to believe that this isn't the mythical Zardulu up to her old tricks.

Check out the Pita Rats in action in the video above. 

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