Was Leonardo DiCaprio Vaping the Highlight of the Screen Actors Guild Awards?

Leonardo DiCaprio vaped at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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People don't usually expect much from the Screen Actors Guild Awards, but last night's ceremony was quite interesting. For one, so many of those the Oscars decided not to represent were honored, including Idris Elba, the first actor ever to win two awards the same night for two different performances. A highlight outside the ceremony, however, was a shot of Oscar favorite Leonardo DiCaprio vaping.

DiCaprio took an award home for his powerful role in The Revenant, which follows his Golden Globe win a few weeks back. If the trend continues, he'll finally win his first Oscar. But none of that mattered last night when we saw the actor, nestled in between friend Kate Winslet and director Alejandro González Iñárritu, taking a hit from a vape pen. 

In all honesty, Leo vaping isn't the most unexpected act, but it was a real shock to see the acclaimed actor smoking at an awards ceremony. Maybe it's a statement, a way of letting all of his fans know that if for some reason he doesn't win an Oscar, he doesn't really care. He's chill. He's got his vape.

Anyway, the photo of him has since gone viral and will certainly be made into a ton of awful memes. 

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