Alec Baldwin Is Back As Donald Trump in 'SNL' Cold Open

Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump to address the nation’s current state of affairs on ‘SNL.’

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Alec Baldwin is back as Donald Trump.

For tonight’s SNL cold open, Baldwin as Trump wanted to be with his people and address the nation’s current affairs. In a town hall meeting, Trump addressed jobs (“In Trump’s America, men work in two places: coal mines and Goldman Sachs), healthcare (“After we’re done, you’ll never have to drive to see a doctor again. How’s that sound?”), and other issues. In between fielding questions, Trump would ask the crowd their thoughts about the Syria strikes, which were awkwardly funny.

“You still love Trump? We still love Trump?” he said. “Remember I’m one of you! Remember I’m one of you!”

In the past, Baldwin has appeared as Trump to give a motivational speech in an event that aliens attack, entered the People’s Court, and confronted those golden shower rumors. Never stop impersonating Trump, Alec, because these get funnier every time.

Watch Trump talk to regular people above.

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