Tila Tequila Suspended From Twitter for Nazi Hate Speech

Tila Tequila was suspended from Twitter after posting a photo of her doing the Nazi salute.

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Tila Tequila has been suspended from Twitter following a tweet in which she shared a photo of herself saluting Hitler with two men at the white nationalist National Policy Institute conference in Washington over the weekend. Tequila, a former D-list and current neo-Nazi, has been very vocal in her support for President-Elect Donald Trump and has used her social media for white nationalist hate speech for years.

Buzzfeed News confirmed with Twitter on Tuesday that Tequila's account, @angeltilalove, had been suspended, but did not clarify why. However, given that Tequila's account has been almost exclusively dedicated to neo-Nazi hate speech and Twitter's recent commitment to banishing white supremacists from the site, it's fair to speculate her account was shut down thanks to her neo-Nazism.

Tequila was in no way shy about her bigotry. Before her account was suspended, she wrote in her profile that she is an "Alt-reich queen! Literally Hitler!" Buzzfeed reported that in 2015, Tequila claimed not to be "a racist nor anti-semitic and absolutely not 100% a Nazi supporter," but has since brazenly shown an admiration for Nazism and Hitler, including a tweet reading "Happy birthday, mein Fuhror!" on Hitler's birthday this year.

Tequila was a featured guest at the National Policy Institute's conference over the weekend, which was hosted by fellow white nationalist Richard Spencer. After his own account was suspended, in addition to other white nationalist accounts, Spencer called the suspensions an act of "corporate Stalinism."

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