William Shatner Gets All Kinds of Mad About “Star Trek” Rumors

William Shatner kind of lost his mind when a false report confirming him for "Star Trek 3" began to circulate.

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It has already been verified that William Shatner has a part written for him and has (at least) been approached about appearing in the next Star Trek film. Just don’t tell that to Shatner himself.

After Shatner sent out a cryptic tweet yesterday that said only “I'm baaaaccckk!!!”, many thought that was the actor's way of confirming that he’d be reprising his role as Captain Kirk in the upcoming Robert Orci-directed movie. That was apparently not true, however, and Shatner kind of lost his mind when the false reports about his involvement started circulating. He even started calling for people to be fired:

Settle down, Priceline Negotiator. You’re not a journalism professor or a lawyer. There’s no law that says a writer can’t take several pieces of evidence and draw a conclusion from it.

Also, aren’t you the one who threw a guy out of a skyscraper window? Isn’t that against the law too?

You do have to give Shatner credit for using the term “yellow journalism,” though. That’s not one you hear every day, especially not in the last 20 years. The fact that he didn’t also call the author a “muckraker” is kind of shocking.

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