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Big Star Trek news broke earlier this week when it was revealed that  Star Trek 3 writer and director Roberto Orci had penned a cameo for William Shatner in the upcoming movie. 

Well, there's further proof that it's probably going to happen, as Shatner, who played the original (green)womanizing U.S.S. Enterprise captain, James T. Kirk, in the OG series and movies, opened up about a "secret" phone call with J.J. Abrams.

“I’m calling because the director of Star Trek, the next movie, has had an idea where you might be involved, so I’m calling to find out whether you would be interested,” Shatner said that Abrams told him. 

Shatner said he told Abrams, “It depends on what you do with the character, but I would be delighted.”

Here's Shatner talking about it at a convention in Nashville: 


As for how they'd work Shatner's Kirk into a storyline with Chris Pine's Kirk, Shatner is just as confused as we are, saying:

"But I would love to do it. But how do you get me fifty years later into the movie? I mean how do you rationalize it. I know it’s science fiction, but even I couldn’t come up with an idea. "