Will Smith. Dancing. At Burning Man. On a Segway

Will Smith didn't just go to Burning Man. He went there and danced on a Segway while wearing a gas mask.

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You know who had a great time at Burning Man this year? The Fresh Prince himself, Will Smith. Just check out the video.

“How do you know that’s Will Smith?” you may ask. No, there isn’t technology to recognize someone’s face under a gas mask. Indeed, Big Willy Style provided the proof himself just days ago:



As if the photo weren’t enough, remember these moves? Do they not strongly resemble those of the dude on the Segway?


Could it be that Will has supplanted Carlton Banks as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air character with the coolest dance move? Let’s review “the Carlton” for posterity:


Too close to call. But with Alfonso Ribeiro reportedly joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars this season, the world may at least get one more chance to see his signature move in action before making a final judgment.

[via Vulture]

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