Rainn Wilson Has Had Enough of Hipster Foodies

Rainn Wilson has had enough of foodies and their really weird dining preferences.

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To some, the experience of dining out has become simply intolerable. Snobbery and a “foodie”-driven game of culinary one-upmanship have brought us as a society to the brink of complete and utter insanity when it comes to our food and restaurant choices.

Rainn Wilson certainly thinks so, as this story of a birthday-dinner-gone-foodie can attest. Ming Mong’s Ethiopian/Finnish restaurant (not real…yet) is a perfect example of the type of place supposed “foodies” go crazy over, but we all know that their favorite restaurants are basically just mad libs that go something like:

          (Weird name)           has a restaurant called           (Word in foreign language)           that serves           (choose between “organic,” “sustainable,” or “fair trade”)           dishes based on what the chef can find when he hand-picks every piece of food at           (Local farmer’s market)          . He draws inspiration from a profoundly important year spent studying in           (Southeast Asian country)           while also infusing tastes of           (North African country)           and           (Eastern European country)          . It’s simply to die for.

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