Everybody Is Fighting in These First Clips from “Furious 7”

Here's a look at the first action clips from the highly-anticipated "Furious 7."


Fight, fight, fight!

That seems to be the theme of Furious 7, the highly-anticipated next chapter in the cinematic treasure known as the Fast and the Furious franchise. The latest Vine from the film’s official account seems to hint at plenty of fisticuffs in this latest installment, with a lot of high-profile matchups:

Michelle Rodrgiuez vs. Ronda Rousey


Rodriguez vs. Hilariously Dressed Guards of Some Kind


Ludacris vs. Silver-Suited Henchman

Paul Walker vs. Computer Lab Dude

The Rock vs. Shadowy Ninja

The Rock vs. Plate Glass Window

But no matter who is fighting, in the end, this is how you should feel after watching this:

[via Vine]

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