Ben Affleck Is Terrible at Singing, Especially When It Comes to the “Frozen” Soundtrack

Ben Affleck's kids don't care that he's Batman, instead focus on how bad he is at singing "Let It Go."


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If Ben Affleck is to be believed, his kids may actually like Jimmy Fallon more than their own father.

At least, that’s the case when it comes to Frozen, which is basically the bible in the Affleck-Garner household. Not only are Affleck’s two daughters all about the Disney musical, but Affleck’s two-and-a-half-year-old son has taken quite a shining to it as well.

In particular, he enjoys the joint performance of “Let It Go” by Fallon, The Roots, and Idina Menzel, and seems to much prefer Fallon’s style to his dad’s. Poor Ben Affleck; even though he’s freaking Batman—basically one of the coolest superheroes around—he can’t get any respect from his kids. But hey, maybe if he tried a little harder when it came time to sing, things wouldn't be so bad on the homefront.

[via Vulture]

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