Zach Galifianakis Also Thinks 'The Hangover' Sequels Were a Mistake

'The Hangover' star Zach Galifianakis says there shouldn't have been sequels.

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Most would argue 2009's The Hangover is untouchable, but frankly, I can't quote a line from the film off the top of my head. No matter. For those of us too well acquainted with The Hangover franchise, which seems like it came out forever ago (though Part III is only as old as 2013), we can all agree the sequels were unnecessary, to say the least. The Hangover made star Zach Galifianakis agrees too.

Galifianakis, who became a household name for playing bumbling man-child "Alan" in the series, talked about its failed sequels on Marc Maron's WTF podcast. "Look, that was a good chunk of my life that I do not regret at all but I wished we had just done one," said Galifianakis. "I think leave well enough alone sometimes." 

But how could Warner Bros. do that when The Hangover, also starring Bradley Cooper a.k.a. “B. Coops” and Ed Helms, would surprise everyone and break the box office. The series of course would slap its fans in the face with a sequel repeating the same formula from the original except this time in Thailand. 22 Jump Street managed to pull off the same stunt, successfully, with its meta "We're in on the joke" approach to create a solid sequel. It ran with the joke even further in its end credits creating fake movie posters for Jump Street sequels up to 43 Street including Magic School and Scuba School. A 23 Jump Street is actually happening though. 

Galifianakis also joked about potential for more Hangover sequels saying, "We're contracted up to 12. I feel a real appetite out there for more. I mean, in 10 years when all this dries up I'm sure I'll be knocking on people's doors, 'Hey, I got this idea… look, I'm still weird!'" 

The Hangover series has reportedly made $1.5 billion internationally.

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