Reality TV Junkies Are More Narcissistic Says Study

People who watch a lot of reality TV are narcissists.

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You might know someone live tweeting The Bachelor every Monday night like a ritual—that someone might even be you. Guess what? Indulging in some trainwreck reality TV (say, Vanderpump Rules) is reportedly making you a narcissist, according to this study. It all makes sense when you see one of the biggest narcissists known to man is a former reality TV star currently vying to be president of the United States. 

Uproxxreports the study was published in the Psychology of Popular Media Culture and was done by Ohio State University researchers. Almost 600 college students, with an average age of 20, were told to keep a list of the kinds of TV they were watching. The categories ranged from comedy to game shows to soap operas. 

Citing the Daily Mail, Uproxx reports the study found students with TV diets heavy on reality TV were more narcissistic. To determine this study participants had to complete the Narcissistic Personality Inventory by filling out a questionnaire including questions about the time they spent watching TV in general. A sampling of the questions that had to be answered: 'I find it easy to manipulate people' or 'I don't like it when I find myself manipulating people' reports the Daily Mail.

One of the researchers, Ted Dickinson, said, "…some people with narcissistic tendencies are seeking out media characters similar to themselves, whereas others who watch reality TV see narcissism as normalized behavior and begin acting more narcissistic."

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