'Sesame Street's' Brutally Honest Impersonation of Donald Trump Ten Years Ago Is The Best Parody of Him to Date

The Trump gets taken to The Street.

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Donald Trump has been in our hair for so long that even Sesame Street has taken a swing at him. Trump was characterized as a literal Trash Person ten years ago via Sesame Street’s grouch character “Donald Grump.” “Grump,” sporting a terrible orange face and do and business suit, has come to the Street looking for a new Grouch Apprentice to handle all of his trash. Grump is said to be the grouch with the most trash in the world, with Oscar the Grouch saying: “His name is on every piece of trash in town!” (Still true.) The parody includes a catchy little number that features Grump exclaiming “I’m the trashiest!” (Amen.) “I’m the grouchiest!” (Preach.) 

By the way, Miss Piggy, if you're reading this, you should totally hit up Trump and rebound with someone of your own kind.

[via Uproxx]

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