Andrew Garfield’s Flirty Red Carpet Interview With Comedian Goes Viral

The 'Amazing Spider-Man' actor had a way with words during his interview with Amelia Dimoldenberg at the 2023 Golden Globes. The clip has since gone viral.

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Andrew Garfield couldn’t help but flex his charm at the 2023 Golden Globes.

The actor had a way with words during his red carpet interview with Amelia Dimoldenberg in Beverly Hills. The clip of the conversation has gone viral on social media, with nearly 30 million views on Twitter. 

“Be normal!” the 28-year-old host/comedian/fellow Brit jokingly warned the Amazing Spider-Man star after he compared her reaction to seeing him to a “capybara in the wild.”

“I only ever want to see you,” Garfield told Dimoldenberg, before providing further explanation. “I only ever want to see you in these kind of sort of situations.” The Hot Air star appeared to be referencing the fact that the host first interviewed him at the British GQ Men of the Year ceremony last November. 

Continuing to show his interest, Garfield spoke about astrology and compatibility, asking for her sign. “If you have the sun sign that’s the same as the moon sign of someone else…that’s good,” the Tony Award winner, who is a Leo, explained. “I’m scared of what it could turn into, and I’m not ready for that kind of thing.”

Before wrapping up their conversation, Garfield signed an autograph for Dimoldenberg, which she joked was a “best friend certificate.”

The viral video received a variety of comments, with many praising Dimoldenberg’s professionalism in the face of Garfield’s charm. See a few reactions below:

Aside from the interview making waves on Twitter, one user hilariously pointed out that Garfield the human was wearing Garfield the cat’s colors:

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