Really? The Assero Defender

Unless you're holding your newborn son or daughter, there's no reason for you rock a "frontpack".

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There are many ways to ensure the safety of your iPad. You can buy it a cool protective case. You can buy a bag built to safeguard mobile electronics. You can go as far as to only use it in secure environments, ones where you're absolutely certain very little harm can come to your tablet. Or, if you're not afraid of looking like a mark, you could buy the Assero Defender.

Set to be introduced this week at the 2011 MacWorld conference, the Assero Defender ($130, is a "frontpack" that allows the wearer to use the iPad while standing up thanks to two quick-release clasps that drop the front of the bag to create a floating mini desk. Now, far be it for us to tell you how to use or protect your tech, but if you plan to use one of these on the subway, you may as well place a nice "Please Rob Me" placard next to your iPad.

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