Dana Carvey's Church Lady Returns to 'SNL' to Interview Donald Trump

Dana Carvey returned to kick off the show with one of his most memorable SNL characters.

You could be forgiven if your first thought in the opening sketch of SNL last night was, "What year is this?" The fabled sketch comedy show kicked off one of its final shows of the year last night by bringing back one of its most beloved characters from the '80s—Dana Carvey as the Church Lady—to interview a man who made his big debut in the public eye in that same era. Darrell Hammond starred alongside Carvey as the Republican nominee for president, Donald J. Trump. 

But before the Church Lady could dig her claws into the real-estate magnate, first she gave some time of her time and attention to failed nominee Ted Cruz (Tarran Killam) and took him to task for coming across as "a little preachy." She also paused to excoriate Madonna for showing up to the Met gala earlier this week with her buttocks hanging out, as well as Beyoncé for wearing this:

But then it was time for Trump, and the Church Lady wanted to know one thing: "Does Donny take a gander at the holy scripture?" Of course he does! From, "Corinthians part deux, Book of Revelations, II Genesis, II Furious, which says, and I quote, 'Love thy neighbor as thyself, and like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.'" Church Lady perhaps hoped to go in deeper on Trump but was interrupted by Cruz, who had now, for some reason, turned into a demon.

The whole thing was a pretty hilarious throwback and you can check out the entire sketch above. 

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