Well Rounded: Complex News + Christina Milian on The Based God Curse, Zendaya, and 'Turned Up'

Christina Milian sits down with Complex News to discuss the biggest news stories of the week on 'Well Rounded.'

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The Internet moves at a blistering pace, leaving stories that deserve further investigation to be buried by other headlines and eventually forgotten. Well today we're slowing the news cycle down a bit by breaking down the week's biggest stories with our own Complex News anchors Emily Oberg, Jinx, and Sean Evans.

This time around Complex is joined by special guest Christina Milian. In addition to dropping new music next month, Milian stars alongside John Stamos of Fox's 'Grandfathered' and her reality show 'Turned Up' returns for Season 2 on November 3. During this week's episode, the group discusses Lil B's curse on James Harden, Zendaya's touch-up statement, and Halloween plans. Check it out.

Oh, and for last week's episode with Joe Budden, check out the video below.

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