The Dirty Dozen: 12 Bizarre Craigslist Personal Ads

Online classified giant Craigslist is getting rid of prostitutes, but that might be the LEAST freaky thing they have to contend with.

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Classified ad site Craigslist has gotten us everything from couches to bikes to poker games--but starting next week, it'll no longer be able to get you hookers. Yes, after pressure from law enforcement who say it's nothing but a front for prostitution, Craigslist is suspending its "erotic services" section.

And sure, that's all well and good, but the thing they're forgetting is Erotic Services isn't even where the freaky shit goes down. For a true look into American depravity, you have to visit the "casual encounters" section, where people of all interests go to scratch their itch. If Craigslist really wanted to get sexually repressive, they'd take a second look at some of the gems we turned up. Also, and we can't say this enough, these are real. Repeat: these are real...

we need a big ass - mw4w - 37 
i want to pay ONE DOLLAR to have sex with a hot bitch - m4w - 22
Amputee? - m4m - 52
Fart Bud Wanted - 24
I'm big and ugly but want to get l aid today! - w4m - 34
ugly scrawny dorky scruffy indie hispter? - mw4m - 32
PIZZA + JO - 42
My girls Strap on and YOUR Ass - mw4m - 36
Girl seeking WoW player - w4m
need girl to please teach me to kiss - m4w
Touch My Warp Whistle - m4w - 28
Hot zombie sex roleplay - t4w

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