Square Enix Expands in Montreal

The partnership with Eidos Montreal is leading to major expansion up north.


In today’s day and age of the video game industry, we are used to hearing news of a development studio shuttering its doors and closing down. That isn’t the case this week as Square Enix and Eidos Interactive are reporting exactly the opposite.

Square Enix has announced that they will be both expanding the existing Eidos Montreal studio and opening a Square Enix Montreal Studio. The news comes on the heels of the impressive launch of Deus Ex: Human Revolution which has made waves in the industry over the past couple of months. The new studio in particular is expected to bring roughly 150 new jobs to the region and focus is already planned on straddling the studio with the future of the Hitman franchise.

The future looks good for at least one company in this situation and hopefully more good news is coming down the road from other developers. This industry needs some positive news from an economic standpoint.

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