Interview: Meagan Good Talks "Jumping The Broom", "Californication", And The Art Of Kissing

The ever-sexy actress discusses her new rom-com, getting physical with David Duchovny, and what it'd take for her tie the proverbial knot.

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If there was anyone who we'd like to jump the broom for, it'd most definitely be Meagan Good. The '80's baby has grown up right in front of our eyes, going from the kid who just wanted some ice cream in Ice Cube's Friday to skating into our hearts as the main hottie in 2005's Roll Bounce.

Now, the Los Angeles native stars in the Salim Akil-directed ode to matrimony, Jumping The Broom (in theaters today). Despite what kinky places your mind may visit upon hearing "tie the knot," Good plays Blythe, best friend to Paula Patton's bride-to-be. The rom-com follows the ups and downs that occur during the first meeting, which also happens to be the actual wedding, between the groom's (Laz Alonso) hood-raised family and the bride's upperclass brood (led by Angela Bassett) in Martha's Vineyard.

Complex caught up with the sexy Ms. Good to talk about her new flick, the worst kiss she's ever had, and what would it take for her to jump the broom.

complex-interview-meagan-goodComplex: How'd you get involved with Jumping The Broom?

Meagan Good: When I read the script I instantly fell in love with the character [of Blythe]. She approaches relationships the way most women do. They are looking for someone to take care of them instead of finding someone to build with them. I enjoy playing characters who have this type of attribute.

I believe that women should get a chance to see that when they are faced with these scenarios that they could potentially be focused on the wrong thing like what kind of car one drives or how much money one has. In the movie, "Blythe" has an arch where she begins to put things into perspective and I think it's good that the film shows that.

Do you have a lot in common with the character?

Meagan Good: There aren't many attributes between her and I, but that's why I like the playing her, the role teaches the audience not to judge people; teaches you to find the beauty within. I can say that we're both a supportive friend who has an ear to lend.

This movie is one of the few films in recent years not directly tied to Tyler Perry. Do you see on the horizon another boom of black films similar to the run during the early-to-late 1990's?

Meagan Good: In order for there to be more films like Jumping The Broom, we need your support! All of the quote-unquote "urban" films have been approached a certain way, with us dancing or eating or unfortunately getting shot at the end. We're more than that; we're much more intelligent than that. We need to have more movies that tell our story but can easily be colorless films. I'm hoping that with Jumping The Broom that this movie will pioneer a resurgence in fresh stories that don't follow a formula so that we can have more and more of them on screen.

“Guys who don't wanna get married—don't bring your girl out to see Jumping The Broom.”Not to give too much away, but you have a pretty steamy scene with CSI's Gary Dourdan that could make a lesser man envious. But that's nothing new for you; you have kissing scenes in damn near every one of your movies.

Meagan Good: [Laughs.] I know, right! The first person I ever kissed was Samuel L. Jackson in Eve's Bayou, and I learned that once you get passed the initial nerves everything else is smooth sailing. You're already in the mindframe of the character and you're in the moment.

Has there been any particularly bad lip action?

Meagan Good: I won't say who the worst kiss I've ever had was with, but the cause of it being so bad was because of bad breath. [Laughs.] I've never had to kiss anyone with the funk that comes up from the stomach. Thank God!

Congratulations are in order as you're the object of David Duchovny's affection in Season 5 of Californication. What type of fireworks can we expect from you and Hank Moody?

Meagan Good: [Laughs.] I will say that I did make out with David on my second day of work. I'm just following tradition. The character I play is cool. She is a recording artist who is kinda-sorta dating a hip-hop mogul played by The RZA, but there's a budding spark between myself and Hank. We're only two episodes deep and so far it's been a great set to work on. Everyone is really nice which is not always common with projects. I love that filming is in California. It's nice to get up and literally drive up the street and head to North Ridge to film.

It's an interesting change from Nova Scotia, where we filmed the Martha's Vineyard scenes in Jumping The Broom. In Halifax, the cast and I would go to this club/bar thing for drinks and to relax, but an hour-and-a-half out we'd have to go Lunenburg—where there's nothing much to do. I went to this pub and asked for some Patron and they didn't even know what Patron was. All you saw was 50-year-old folks sitting around eating breakfast and drinking beers in there.

Through it all, the thing that was most interesting was that the area allowed the cast to grow and get to know one another better. No one had any egos and everyone was available to go over lines and rehearse. We had cookouts and had a great time. Overall, it was just a great experience.

complex-interview-meagan-goodGetting hitched is something that most guys are deathly afraid of; why should we marriage-aphobic men run out to see Jumping The Broom?

Meagan Good: You guys should go and see the movie because for the fellas it has a great message about answering the question about someone being down for you through it all. Can you count on this person when the chips are down? The film dispels the notion that there isn't someone out there for you.

Most men want to have their cake and eat it, too, but when he is ready and has found "the one," then he knows that he's not going to find anyone else who is as dedicated as her. Once you find it, then there's no reason to fight it. But I'd say to the guys who don't wanna get married—don't bring your girl out to see this movie. You'll only be starting a fight that you're not ready to finish. [Laughs.]

What would it take for you settle down?

Meagan Good: It would take someone who is spiritual and loves God. Someone who respects my mind and what I have to offer besides my physical appearance. Someone who actually loves other people and is connected to my destiny. This person has to be walking down the same path as I and want the same thing out of life.

OK, we'll have to get back you on that one.

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