Buy It Now: Black Dynamite Blu-ray & DVD

Michael Jai White's awesome homage/spoof of the Blaxploitation genre explodes onto home video.

You jive muthas finished digesting The 50 Best Blaxploitation Movies of All Time yet? You have? Well, all right then! Now it's time to get you Black Dynamite, director Scott Sanders' hilarious and intelligent homage to/spoof of the genre. Spawn's Michael Jai White, who co-wrote the screenplay with Sanders and Byron Minns, plays the titular hero, an ex-CIA agent who takes on bad guys (and women) seven at a time while avenging his brother's murder and trying to thwart The Man's latest conspiracy to keep the black man down.

Shot on 1970s-style 16mm film and boasting a new funk score, it feels faithful and familiar but also fresh—as in new, inventive, and baadasssss. Extras include filmmaker and cast commentary, deleted and alternate scenes, and "Lighting the Fuse" and "The Comic-Con Experience" featurettes (Blu-ray additionally boasts "The '70s: Back in Action" featurette and real-time information on the cast, music, and trivia that can be accessed via movieIQ and BD-Live while you watch the flick), ensuring that this stick of Black Dynamite will blow your mind. Keep reading to see the Buy It Now link and watch the trailer...

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