Best Video on the Internet Today: This Chick Unleashes Her 'Telekinetic Powers' to Scare Everyone in This Cafe

Holy s**t.

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What would you do if Stephen King's Carrie popped up in real life? Would you take out your cell phone? Run? Laugh in the face of danger? Well, people at this New York City cafe witnessed a woman get revenge on a guy who spilled coffee on her laptop by using her "telekinetic powers" to push and lift him against a wall. As everyone moves out of her way, some begin to record as they back away, and some look genuinely terrified. The woman then seemingly uses her powers to move chairs and tables, and screams while pictures and books fall from their places. If this sounds too crazy to be true, that's because it is. The whole thing was a stunt for the upcoming Carrie remake that opens up on October 18th. 

Ah, if only.

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