Xzibit, Jacob Elordi, and ‘SNL’ Imagine If ‘Pimp My Ride’ Was Brought Back by Total Idiots

Xzibit played himself, issuing a warning to Elordi's character.

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Saturday Night Live revived Pimp My Ride, complete with the show's original host.

During this past weekend’s installment of the sketch show, the comedy group Please Don’t Destroy attempted to help a janitor named Sergei who was down on his luck. When Sergei—played by Jacob Elordi—revealed his car had broken down, the comedians opted to give the vehicle an insane makeover.

Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy unveiled the mini-van to the janitor, who was immediately horrified. Dubbed the Trash Wagon, the vehicle sported a pink and purple paint job with decals of a trash can and cleaning supplies. “Cleaning is just job,” Sergei said.

Other wild upgrades included a bumper made from Swiffer Wet Jets, a crockpot in the center console to make borscht, and mop buckets in lieu of backseats. Per typical Pimp My Ride standards, though, the trio added three LCD monitors and two subwoofers to the car.

Xzibit finally made his appearance, delivering a somewhat troubling message to Sergei.

“Just wanted to let you know, whatever you do, do not drive that fucking car,” the former host warned.

Check out the Pimp My Ride sketch from SNL up top.

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