Kim Kardashian Recalls Her Dad Going to Psychic Who Predicted His Last Name Would Be 'Internationally Known'

Robert Kardashian visited a psychic while he was part of O.J. Simpson's legal defense team.

Monica Schipper / Getty Images

Kim Kardashian’s father, Robert Kardashian was thrust into the spotlight when he became O.J. Simpson’s lawyer.

In a new cover story for GQ, Kim looks back on her father going to a psychic after joining Simpson’s legal team. Simpson and Robert were both alums of the University of Southern California and became close friends in the early ‘70s. Later, in 1994, when the football star found himself accused of the double murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, Simpson sought Robert’s counsel.

At that point, Kardashian wasn’t a practicing attorney and came aboard as a liaison between Simpson and his other lawyers. Still, Kardashian rose to national attention during the trial, which proved grueling for him and his family as the case went on for a year.

“So one afternoon he sought out a seer to find out what the fates had in store for his family,” GQ writer Sean Manning pens. As an ardent believer of the Christian faith, Kardashian wasn’t keen on psychics. He subsequently found the medium's predictions to be “outlandish” and wasn’t swayed in his opinion of psychics. 

“She saw my last name and said, ‘Kardashian will be internationally known,’ ” Robert told Kim. “This is how I know they’re full of shit!”

It seems that Kim doesn’t have the same views on mediums as her father. While she is religious, she often seeks out revelations from psychics and mediums—and has a select few she sees regularly.

“One is more of a spiritual healer putting out good vibes and energy,” she says. “When they tell me things, I’ll write them down. I don’t walk away thinking that I’m going to read the list and make sure that everything comes true. After a few days I’ll forget about it. Then six months after the fact, I will reread my notes from the session and it will have happened.”

She continues, “I’m probably more religious than most people guess.” She and her four children say their bedtime prayers together and she reads Bible stories from the books her father read to her and her siblings during their childhood.

“That’s how I manage life,” Kim says. “I look at everything as lessons.”

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