'Wheel of Fortune' Clip Goes Viral After Contestants Repeatedly Fail to Solve Easy Puzzle

Tuesday's episode featured a five-word riddle that many viewers deemed obvious. It took all three players 10 attempts before they eventually solved it.

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A viral Wheel of Fortune clip has left viewers shocked, amused, and—in some cases—down right angry.

The sequence went down during Tuesday’s episode, when all three contestants repeatedly failed to solve an obvious “phrase” puzzle. Player Laura was seemingly poised to win the round after purchasing the letter “O,” leaving only four missing letters in the five-word riddle: “Another feather _n yo_r _a_.” 

To most people, the puzzle was clearly, “Another feather in your cap”—an idiomatic phrase that is used to highlight a success or achievement. A seemingly confident Laura told host Pat Sajak she would like to solve, before stating the phrase, “another feather in your hat,” an obviously incorrect answer as the last word didn’t include the letter “T.” Though the flub wasn’t too notable, the situation got worse … or better, depending on your sense of humor.

Contestant Christopher then spun the wheel before incorrectly guessing the letter “G.” The third player, Thomas, landed on “bankrupt,” which put Laura back in control. 

“Another feather in your lap,” she guessed, prompting the buzzer to go off.

“Oh, the feather is moving around,” Sajak jokingly said.

After Christopher guessed another wrong letter, and Thomas landed on “lose a turn,” Laura had another opportunity to take the win. She took a few moments to think it over, before correctly asking for the letter “P.” She had this in the bag … or so some viewers thought.

“Another feather in your map,” she incorrectly guessed.

Christopher then spun the wheel and ended up on “bankrupt,” giving the wheel back to Thomas. He landed on $500, asked for a “C” and gave it another shot: “Another feather in your cap,” he said, securing the win.

The now-viral moment lasted a little over two minutes. In all, it took the contestants eight turns and 10 attempts before finally ending the brutal round.

You can check out some of the Twitter reactions below.

i have never wanted to scream this loudly in my life pic.twitter.com/XNqe3R1UAj

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) March 2, 2022

Me watching wheel of fortune rn pic.twitter.com/TAqrtTV5sm

— Justin L (@JustinIsSpiffy) March 2, 2022

A woman on Wheel of Fortune got this puzzle wrong three times. I’m yelling at the television like I’m watching a football game. pic.twitter.com/z97nubCC7G

— Lindsay (@Rollinintheseat) March 2, 2022

This might have been the worst two minute stretch in Wheel of Fortune history 😂 pic.twitter.com/lz6HynkkF5

— Warren Shaw 🇯🇲 (@ShawSportsNBA) March 2, 2022

Why is anyone shocked at a contestant missing the easy lay up on Wheel of Fortune, its a show for braindead hayseeds

— Justin🦩Boldaji (@justinboldaji) March 2, 2022

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