Watch Tom Cruise Recreate His Classic Movie Moments With James Corden

Tom Cruise recreates his classic movie moments with the help of James Corden on 'The Late Late Show.'

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Throughout his 35-year acting career, Tom Cruise has typically shied away from working alongside other big co-stars. After all, when you’re one of the biggest stars on the planet, it’s usually a one-man show. But Cruise’s career has been sagging a little lately, so who better to come to the rescue than the hottest man in late night James Corden?

On Wednesday’s The Late Late Show, Cruise was on hand to promote his new white knuckle action film, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, and before the requisite sit-down interview, Cruise and Corden teamed up for a frenetic stroll down memory lane and blistered through several madcap reenactments of some of Cruise’s biggest cinematic moments. There was mad love shown to Cruise classics like Top Gun ("I feel the need. The need for speed!"), Minority Report (Corden’s suspect had a "fake British accent," "the physique of a snowman," and "zero muscles"), and A Few Good Men (shout out to Corden’s ace Jack Nicholson impression). The duo also took on the Mission Impossible movies by recreating the franchise’s craziest stunts.

But the standout moment had to be the Jerry Maguire portion of the segment. Just when we thought Tom Cruise was too big to share the screen with other actors, in walked the one dude who managed to steal Cruise’s thunder. And no, we’re not talking about Jonathan Lipnicki. That’s right, folks. Cuba Gooding Jr. showed up, and yes, he said the line. And yes, the crowd erupted. And yes, you can watch it above. 

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