Blac Chyna to Rob Kardashian: "What the F***" Are You Eating?

Blac Chyna is not happy with Rob Kardashian's choice of snacks.

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Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, who may or may not be engaged, are still going strong, even though the Kardashian family is not at all happy they're a couple in the first place. They're worried Chyna will inspire a relapse in Rob, who's a recovering party boy and who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. But the way things are going, it seems like Chyna is actually good for Rob in the healthy living department—Chyna's BFF Amber Rose said Chyna has been cooking Rob healthy meals, the pair have been spotted going to the gym together, and it looks like Chyna is taking a deep interest in the contents of her new beau's pantry.

In a series of videos Rob posted to Instagram yesterday, Chyna can be seen going through his kitchen cabinets and zooming in on several of his snacks, including tortillas, sorbet, oatmeal, fake butter, and a bag of quinoa.

Although some are taking this to mean Chyna isn't happy with Rob's "unhealthy food choices," it seems pretty obvious the pair is just poking fun at the undying media fascination with Rob Kardashian's weight, especially because everything in his cabinets is pretty damn healthy—he's packing quinoa, for god's sake. So either this string of videos is a deep critique of the way our culture over-analyzes every facet of celebrity life, or Rob and Chyna think health food is hilarious. Either way, they're probably just fucking with us.

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