Kevin Hart Is a Best Man For Hire in New "Wedding Ringer" Trailer

Kevin Hart is a best man for hire in the new trailer for "The Wedding Ringer."


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Let's imagine what would happen if the great movie I Love You Man and the meh movie Hitch had a few drinks, forgot the condom and created a genetically similar hybrid movie. 

That movie would be The Wedding Ringer, in which Kevin Hart plays a guy you can pay to be your best man if you don't have one, and teaches an overweight, white dude (Josh Gad) how to be a little bit cooler along the way. 

The movie actually looks pretty funny. Even something very bad happening to an old lady gets laughs (although I'm not sure how I feel about myself after laughing at that). Kaley Cuoco is in there too, so there's that. 

The movie was originally supposed to drop back in February, but kept getting pushed back, which is not always a good sign, but we'll see how this one goes when it comes out in January 2015.

[Via Deadline

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