The Science Behind Resting B*tch Face

There might be an actual genetic reason behind some people having "resting b-tch face."

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People who suffer from RBF, aka "resting bitch face," aka "bitchy resting face" usually say they can't help it that their natural expression looks like they just sucked a lemon and stepped in poop at the same time. 

Now a scientific study says they might be telling the truth. There's a possible genetic reason for RBF, so maybe blame it on their bitch-faced parents?

Ozy Media reported on the study by the American Psychological Association that tested 336 people to discover that those with "two shorter serotonin transporter genes have a tendency to smile or laugh more easily than others.​"

While the study focused on how those people with two shorter 5-HTTLPR genes tend to laugh and smile more at things that really aren't all that funny, it was the people with the opposite genetic makeup, two longer  5-HTTLPR genes, that caught our attention.

Via Ozy: 

Those with two long genes, however, may be doomed to “resting bitch face” — you know, when your natural expression makes you look like Charles Manson when you’re really only focusing on work or a letter to grandma.

Those people, however bitch-faced they may be, were found to have way fewer mood swings than their smiley counterparts, though. So maybe they're not the most fun to be around, but those with RBF might actually be the more stable people. 


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