Illegal Hunter Mauled to Death by African Lion

A man reportedly hunting without a license was mauled and killed by a lion in Africa.

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One allegedly illegal hunter is dead after a lion mauled him to death in South Africa this week, according to a report from Express

The 24-year-old man, Matome Mahlale, was part of a group of five who were hunting without licenses on a private game preserve, local police officials told the paper. Two dogs also died. 

The rest of the group reportedly climbed a tree to escape the enraged lion. At least one local wasn't feeling too choked up over the death. 

"There won't be many people feeling sorry for him. This is seen as poetic justice for the death of Cecil," the man told reporters, referring to the the protected and beloved lion killed by American dentist Walter Palmer earlier this year, sparking global outrage and turning Palmer into the worst Halloween costume

Officials in Zimbabwe announced earlier this month that Palmer will not face charges for wounding Cecil with an arrow and later killing the 13-year-old lion with a rifle. 


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