Justice? A Mexican Comedian Might Replace Donald Trump on 'The Apprentice'

Rumor has it that George Lopez might be Donald Trump's replacement on NBC's reality competition series "The Apprentice."

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In a case of supreme irony/cosmic justice, George Lopez is rumored to be NBC's choice to replace Donald Trump on The Apprentice now that the network has told the Republican presidential hopeful "you're fired."

The irony, of course, being that Trump was let go from The Apprentice after comments that basically amounted to calling all Mexican immigrants rapists, and Lopez is an outspoken Mexican-American. 

Here's what Page 6 had to say via its "sources": 

“There have been initial conversations with George Lopez’s representatives, and, given Donald Trump’s crazy comments, George would be the perfect loud response to Trump.” A second source...added, “It could be a smart move by NBC to cast George as Trump’s replacement, and it would also bring diversity to the network.”

Here's what Lopez himself had to say about Trump:

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OK, not really. Here's what he really (sort of) had to say about him: 

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