Leonardo DiCaprio's Sunday: Models, Malibu and an 'Epic Rap Battle'

Leonardo DiCaprio apparently had an "epic rap battle" at a Malibu party over the weekend, as models (of course) watched it go down.

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Leonardo DiCaprio's Sunday was better than yours. On the day when the rest of humanity cooks waffles, does laundry and drinks while wearing sweatpants until it's time to watch HBO, the actor was in Malibu, surrounded by models, having an "epic rap battle" with a New York DJ, according to a gossip item from Page Six:

“Epic rap battle between DJ Cassidy and Leonardo,” exclaimed a Facebook post by a guest.

Also, we're going to imagine that DiCaprio was still dressed like his character from the upcoming movie  The Revenant (above), because that's fun, and also he could totally get away with that.

Anyway, a Defamer analysis of the guests who were said to be at the party revealed that it was 88 percent models in attendance, which seems a little low for a Leo party, but hey, off nights happen.

Those guests were said to include: Robin Thicke, Naomi Campbell, model Kelly Rohrbach, Lily-Rose (that's Johnny Depp's daughter), model Stella Maxwell, singer Cassie, person Scott Disick and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Page Six said. The party was allegedly hosted by Helly Nahmad who got out of prison less than a year ago for his role in a $100 million gambling operation. 

As for that rap battle actually taking place, we present the following evidence:

A person named DJ Cassidy (who has been at the nexus of music, fashion, and nightlife for over half his living years, according to his Facebook page) was "in the Bu," over the weekend. 


That same DJ Cassidy once rapped/karaoke'd along to A Tribe Called Quest.


instatribe 1 🎤 buggin out @qtiptheabstract

A video posted by djcassidy (@djcassidy) on


And DiCaprio once rapped "Scenario" (in a club with Jamie Foxx and models). 

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We deem this rap battle rumor to be definitely probably true. 

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