"Batman v Superman" Won't Be Two Movies, Says Superman

Henry Cavill says "Batman V. Superman" will not be split into two films.

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Superman himself just rescued the Internet from a rumor that wasn't necessarily threatening to destroy the world, but definitely was pissing a lot of people off. 

Henry Cavill told Variety on Sunday that Batman v. Superman will not be split into two movies as the (very, definitely, possibly fake) photo below suggests. The rumor was that this photo showed a screen from an upcoming trailer that would announce the cash-grabby split. 

They also asked Cavill if the blockbuster-in-waiting Batman v Superman would be "more epic" than The Avengers, to which he replied "you'll see" — possibly the most enticing completely vague statement ever made. 

Batman v Superman drops on March 25, 2016.

[Via Variety]

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